Junk Journal

Made my first ever Junk Journal and I already love it. 
Lots of fun making it, lots of sewing and using up my very old stash. 
I was mostly inspired by the lovely Amity Bloom videos. 
Take alook at my debut but be patient with the pictures - there's a lot :-)

For my cover I combined fabrics and paper. 
I love this collage which is clear but colorful and happy to me. 

For the pages I used very different material: old scarpbook sheets, 
old music notes pages, vellum, canvas and even baking paper. 

No mixed media at all, no paints, inks and gessos.
Just a wide range of papers and sewing. 

Love this pocket made out of an envelope with a window + washi tapes. 

Sometimes I love the negative die cuts more than the standard ones :-)

Negative die cuts again, I just don't throw them away and use them a lot especially for my mixed media backgrounds which add a great texture. 

Thank you Nazy for the inspiration :-)

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