Sweet dreams...

Ok, I definitely quit the Christmas theme cards, ornaments, layouts and others :)
I needed something different urgently :) and I found a mega cute photo on Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger: Sweet dreams that inspired me to make this card...

I decided to stay with the "sweet dreams" theme so this card is for my lovely just to remind him that I'm wishing him always sweet, light, colorful and nice dreams... The colors and butterflies gives the card lightness and freshness helping to have really nice dreams :-)
And this it the photo that inpired me:

I would like to submit it also to the ATCAS#3: SWEET... There are no any sweet cakes or ice creams on my card but "sweet" for me is much more than food... It can be also a sweet dream... :)
Podobna paleta kolorystyczna pojawiła się w Wyzwaniu kolorystycznym #9 w Magicznej Kartce, więc wrzucam ją do grona magicznych :-)
oraz do Galerii Rae na Wyzwanie #20: Guzik z pętelką ze względu na moje guzikowe serduszka...

Pozdrawiam leniwie i nadal świątecznie!